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May 24, 2013

Nothing about us, without us

People with disabilities often face barriers to accessing water, sanitation and hygiene services. A major reason for this is that they are typically not consulted during the planning and installation of facilities.

Disabled people are often the poorest people in a community. Disability and poverty are interlinked – both a cause and effect of one another. As a result, disabled people are often excluded from community decision-making and their voice is left unheard.

Sometimes this exclusion happens unknowlingly, even if a service provider has planned to engage with every member of the community. Meetings may be organised at places that aren’t accessible to people with disabilities – for example, on the second or third floor. Consideration may not be given to severely disabled people who can’t leave home to participate in community meetings. (more…)

January 24, 2013

Photo of the week – 24 January

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One hundred eighteen households at Hartalihat Tole Ward Number 19 in Biratnagar Sub-Metropolitan, Morang District squatter area have no access to toilet. Lumanti Support Group for Shelter is working to provide in accessing basic sanitation at the area which will benefit around 800 marginalised people living in the squatter.

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