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July 31, 2013

Political commitment towards sanitation promotion and public launch of “ODF toolkit”

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Federation of Drinking Water and Sanitation Users Nepal (FEDWASUN) together with WaterAid Nepal had organised an interaction session with the leading political leaders on 29 July 2013, to persuade them to promote sanitation in their upcoming elections; this programme also saw the opening of the “ODF toolkit”. The participation of politicians that turned up, the turnout exceeded our expectations. This programme saw around 100 participants representing different walks of life, they included politicians, representatives from civil society organisations, students , water and sanitation users and media; the interaction was  facilitated by former environment minister Mr Ganesh Shah.

After a very interactive session with the political leaders, the expectant audience signed a public appeal demanding calls for action. The public appealed the politicians to:

  • Encourage each VDC and MPC in their respective election sectors to declare themselves as ODF for promotion of drinking water and sanitation
  • Ensure sustainability regarding sanitation activities in districts that have been declared as ODF
  • Address drinking water and sanitation as people’s fundamental right in their political manifesto for the upcoming constitutional assembly election in their respective political parties
  • Ensure the inclusion of a section in the new constitution that address sanitation and drinking water related rights as a fundamental right of the people and to address and solve drinking water and sanitation issues from local to national level by incorporating sanitation with development. (more…)

July 30, 2013

Photo of the week – 30 July 2013

Representatives of political parties launching the ODF toolkit on 29 July 13

July 17, 2013

ODF and disability issues

When the Nepal government brought the Sanitation and Hygiene Master plan in 2011, the concept of the Open Defecation Free, ODF in short was relatively new. Master plan targeted to improve the status of sanitation dramatically in the whole country by 2017 and the main indicator set to judge this was to check whether the particular area was ODF or not. ODF simply means that nobody in a certain area defecates in Open. In other words, everybody has access to a toilet. (more…)

July 15, 2013

Film on Nagarkot VDC ODF declaration held on 5 July 13

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Click here to watch  a film on Nagarkot VDC ODF declaration held on 5 July 13

Nagarkot Village Development Committee (VDC) is declared as Open Defecation Free (ODF) VDC at Nagarkot in Bhaktapur District on 5 July 2013. The declaration was made by Mr Hem Natha Duwadi, Central Development Officer in Bhaktapur District among hundreds of local resident, government official, WASH sector stakeholder, development partner, people’s representative, media and student. Nagarkot is sixth VDC out of 16 VDCs that declared ODF in the district. Yet 37% of the VDCs in Bhaktapur have to declare ODF. This declaration is one of the stepping stone to declare Bhaktapur as an ODF district. This declaration is taken as motivating factor for the remaining ten VDCs and the Bhaktapur District Water and Sanitation Coordination Committee itself in expediting their actions towards declaration of the district ODF. Two hundred and forty-nine additional toilets were constructed within four months period that was instrumental declaring the Nagarkot VDC as ODF. There are 825 household in the VDC and rest others have toilets already. Total population of the VDC is 4429 (female 2254, male 2275). Three public latrines were also constructed in Home stay area, Tourism Development Board and Health Post with in the VDC. So as all the school within the VDC also have access to latrine. VDC is planning to construct an additional latrine at Bus Park. WaterAid – HSBC Water Programme supported for awareness campaign and implemented by Village Water and Sanitation Coordination Committee together with our NGO partner Environment and Public Health Organisation (ENPHO) for ODF declaration process.

July 11, 2013

Link of the week – 11 July

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BHAKTAPUR: Nagarkot was declared as the sixth ‘Open Defecation Free’ VDC in Bhaktapur today. Hundreds of locals, government officials, NGO/INGO partners and media personnel celebrated the event. Chief District Officer Hem Nath Duwadi inaugurated the programme, which was chaired by VDC Secretary and Village Water and Sanitation Coordination Committee chair Krishna Prasad Guragain.

More – Click here for our link of the week – 11 July

July 10, 2013

Nagarkot VDC declared “Open Defecation Free”

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On Friday, 5 July 2013, I headed to Nagarkot in Bhaktapur district, which is about an hour’s drive away from Kathmandu, with the WaterAid team to participate in the declaration of Nagarkot VDC as “Open Defecation Free” (ODF).  I did not know what to expect as this was the first time I was going to such an event.

When I got there, I was amazed.

I felt as though I was attending an extravagant wedding ceremony; with more than a hundred people present, the traditional music band playing in the backdrop, people in their finest traditional attires singing and dancing to the music. Proud faces beaming with joy, everybody had come together to celebrate the success of the hard work they had put in for the last four months.


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