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April 22, 2013

Access for all

Progress  towards universal access to water and sanitation is being made. The Government of Nepal recently passed a directive to ensure that all public spaces – from schools and colleges to hotels and banks – must be accessible to disabled people.

Public bathrooms and toilets are included in the plans and the announcement means that all new facilities must be built with ramps and accessible paths. Inside, grab rails, accessible shelves and commodes should be available, ensuring that users will not have to strain or squat to use the facilities, which is painful or impossible for many people with disabilites.

Access to water has also been included in the directive, which states that public taps must be installed at heights that allow people who use a wheelchair to reach them. Water should also not be allowed to spill on the floor, which could be dangerous for people with physical disabilies. Ramps and rails must be installed to allow wheelchair users to access facilities and doors must open with space for people with physical disabilities to move safely and with dignity.

The changes will mean that facilities must be constructed with disabled people in mind and will encourage equal access to safe water and sanitation for everyone.

The post is written by Mr Sagar Prasai – sagarDOTprasain@gmailDOTcom

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