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November 24, 2010

Highlights on sanitation and child rights by Commissioner and Spokesman, National Human Rights Commission in Nepal

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Child rights issue has miles to go

The issue of child rights has seen progress and at the same setbacks over the past few years. There has been improvement in child education and health, but on sanitation, nutrition and security of sectors, the situation hasn’t changed much.Malnutrition has become a serious problem among Nepalese children under five years of age. In the past malnutrition was caused by poverty and the ensuing food crisis. Nowadays inappropriate food habit and excessive consumption of junk food is causing malnutrition among children. For instance, children consume noodles too much instead of taking healthy food like maize.

Many children do not have access to sanitation in Nepal. Scores of children in rural areas are dying of preventable diseases like diarrhoea, cholera, dysentery and pneumonia. Take this, last year many people died in Jajarkot due to diarrhoea and among them many were children.

On the other hand, children have become the victims of abduction, rape, killing and explosion. And an increasing number of children are vulnerable to violence and crime.  We have urged to the government to take strong action against individuals or groups involved in employing children in criminal activities.

The main culprit is the lack of awareness about the rights of children and ways to protect them. Different campaigns launched by the governmental and non-governmental organisations have not yield the desired results, especially in the remote parts of the country. More sustained efforts are needed to raise awareness on child protection.

The Kathmandu Post – 24 November 2010

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